Take Care Fair will feature two presentation areas. The ROTATING TENT will feature presenters speaking on a variety of topics ranging from financial wellness to thermography. Under the GAZEBO, visitors will be able to experience interactive presentations – immersion in sound healing, movement, and meditation.

ROTATING TENT – Speakers + Demonstrations

11:00 Joanne Leffeld aka Moolah Doula Financial Well Being – An Intuitive Approach to Money
In this thought provoking presentation, explore how to create a healthier, more
financially rewarding relationship with money. Learn tools to break through self-limiting beliefs to create more abundance and prosperity in your life.
11:30 Woodstock Healing Arts – Bradford Beckerman Is CBD for ME? CBD is short for Cannabadiol, a naturally occurring, non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in the hemp plant. Hemp is a great source of essential vitamins, minerals, Omega fatty acids, flavonoids, chlorophyll and terpenes. It’s known as a “SUPER FOOD”, and has incredible potential to improve your health.
CBD is one of the most prominent cannabinoids found in the hemp plant, and has been known to alleviate pain and inflammation, reduce anxiety and depression, and provide many other benefits.
This workshop will present the basic facts about CBD, and answer questions such as:- What is CBD and how can I benefit from its use?
– Will I get “high” from taking CBD?
– Are there side effects to taking CBD?
– What is the human endocannabinoid system and why should I care?
– What is the best way to get CBD into my system?
– Where can I find CBD?About Bradford Beckerman:Bradford was a 22 year-old rising business star when a near fatal accident left him with TBI, Traumatic Brain Injury, and reliant on over 17 drugs to keep from seizing and to manage debilitating pain. Fueled with a desire to break his dependency on pharmaceuticals, Bradford began a successful journey to find natural to find natural methods of healing and wellness for himself and others, discovering hemp and CBD along the way.
12:00 Practice of Being Seen Tell Stories That Build Relationships When you dare to be vulnerable and tell parts of your own story, you build relationships and create powerful connections. And yet, it can be hard to open up and share parts of yourself. Relationship therapist Rebecca Wong and storytelling coach Marisa Goudy help you determine the kind of stories and the level of detail that will help you connect with everyone from loved ones to clients to colleagues.


12:30 Susanna Raeven Propolis – A Gift from Nature Propolis is tree medicine made by bees and a powerful remedy with many health benefits. Come and learn about the life of a bee and our deep connection to their well being. Susanna Raeven from Raven Crest Botanicals will introduce us to the many ways of using propolis as medicine for acute conditions and as a preventative. Learn how to make your own propolis tincture and how to incorporate it into your health and beauty products.
1:00 Breast Thermography International | Patricia Bowden-Luccardi CTT What Will You Do Now That Mammograms Have Been Proven Ineffective and Harmful? Breaking the myth on breast cancer screening and breast health. Identify signs of abnormal pathology at a cellular level years before a mammogram can without using harmful radiation with time for lifestyle changes Thermal
Imaging is safe for young dense breasts, fibrocystic breasts and implants. Come learn how to be proactive with your health.
1:30 Jan Burgevin, LMT, RN Root Wisdom: Working with the Pelvic Bowl – Tools for Reproductive Health The Pelvic bow is the creative center of our bodies. Women often hold our stories here, manifesting as physical discomfort, health challenges. Nature tells us that the pelvic bowl is a place of great power, joy, creativity and beauty. This presentation will explore tools such as, vagina steaming, Mayan abdominal massage and intravaginal massage to reclaim and embody the pelvic bowl.
2:00 Smugtown Mushrooms Mushrooms Demystified Learn the basic life cycle and the way mushrooms are critical components of a holistic lifestyle. Noted as amazing foods, their flavors and textures, but often looked past for their amazing medicinal and nutritional aspects. Learn the basics to these concepts and ways to incorporate them into your meals, supplement regimes and finally into gardens and landscapes, by growing your own food and medicine.
2:30 Philip Attar – Reiki Master & Sound Healer From ‘Dis-ease’ Into Ease Philip Attar’s story of healing his Graves’ Opthalmopathy disease. A Thyroid Eye Disease (TED) that left him permanently cross-eyed and with a weakened immune system in 2010, to healing himself within a few years through diet and the power of mediation. No drugs or surgeries. A personal journey of balancing the body, mind, and spirit to enable true healing to take place. To remove the ‘dis-ease,’ you must first be at ease.
3:00 Dame Lori Unlimited Finding Personal Sensual Power I would like to share about simple skills that will bring pleasure to women that can be accessed quickly and immediately. Skills that bring us personal sensual power to our day, our business, our family and to honor our brilliance as leaders on this planet.
3:30 Peace and Renewal Storied Timetelling; the Mayan Calendar Come enjoy a brief introduction to a colorful, storied way of journeying through the days. The modern Mayan calendar has been rendered uniquely and woven in with Western astrology by a sage named Stargazer Li. At the Take Care Fair we will delve into the 20 symbols and 13 moons that make up this alternate perspective on time. Sunday, June 24th in this calendar will be a seven skywalker day at the peak of the hand wave in Moon twelve! We’ll use that day’s blend of energies as a window in.

Sound + Movement

11:00 Woodstock Healing Arts – Jory Serota Breath and Posture: An outlook on movement and psychology Our breath is our number one movement pattern, yet so few people understand how to breathe naturally, completely and consistently.

Our posture is a nervous system dynamic that expresses how we feel about ourselves.

These two pillars of human mechanics work together to either alleviate or produce stress in our lives.

In this 20 minute demo, Jory Serota, founder of the Applied Yoga Integration Seminars and NeuroKinetic Therapy instructor, teaches us a more efficient way to breath and shows us how the breath influences posture and how our posture influences the breath.

11:30 Chords of Connection Finding Resonance through Plant-Generated Music Using plant generated music, explore your deeper connection with the world around you. Join us for a discussion about plant consciousness and how using the magnetic fields of our heart we can connect more deeply with one another and nature as a whole. Experience the music and enjoy a guided meditation to deepen the experience.
12:00 Metamorphosis: Mystical Insight & Evolutionary Support Open Tarot Open Tarot is an engaging and lively series of participant-driven Tarot card readings, presented in a fun, casual, and intimate setting. Marcy will field questions from the audience and offer answers with the help of the cards. Bring your curiosity, your open mind, and your sense of humor– your questions will prompt surprising insights, funny stories, practical advice, and direct energetic transmission for healing and transformation.
12:30 Sadhana Center for Yoga Yoga for You! A short session geared for everyone — yoga poses and breathing and meditation. Find out more about the benefits of yoga and about our sweet studio in Hudson. We will give a short demo and answer any questions you may have.
1:00 JALACLEANSE  Importance of Cleansing  Krishna Kumari loves her work and loves her community. She is inspired to share her experience with colonics and cleansing. In this presentation you will have a chance to listen inward and learn about stored memory and the gut. A cleanse can be simple. Let’s get inspired for optimal health.
1:30 Jessica Caplan Yoga & Sound Sound Bath with Jessica Caplan Sound bath of crystal and Himalayan singing bowls, shrutti box, chimes, bells, tuning forks, voice and other instruments. Participants will be guided into a relaxed, receptive state using light breath work and some vocalization. Then Jessica sing and play various instruments to send listeners on an inward journey fueled by sound.
2:00 The Singing Bowl Studio/ Katherine Hamer Singing Bowl Meditation Singing bowl meditation. It’s a unique experience in that singing bowls are placed on participants bodies with warm water infused with high vibration oils. The healing and release deepens with the water.
2:30 Won Dharma Center Chair Yoga + Tai Chi Demo Rev. Daesun and Karen Rosand will lead a light-hearted and fun demonstration of these two types of moving meditation. Each of these practices directly touch the physical, energetic, mental, emotional and spiritual mind/body and can bring joy and calm to one’s daily life. Beginner’s welcome!
3:00 Anahata Yoga & Healing Arts Soothing Gong Bath The Gong is one of the oldest therapeutic instruments, and has been used in yoga, sound meditation, and vibrational therapy for ages. The sounds and vibrations of the Gong hold the power to reduce stress, stimulate the glandular system, and break up emotional blockages. Allow the sounds of the Sacred Gong to resonate in every cell of your body causing transformation of the entire self.