There are a number of unique organizations in the Hudson Valley that serve the diverse needs of the community. Visit Summer Market to learn more about the work they do. 


The mission of Triform Camphill Community is to build a vital community life together with adults with special needs to work towards social, economic, and agricultural renewal. Triform is a supportive environment that offers each individual the possibility for personal growth and self-development. As a Camphill community, Triform bases its work on the recognition of the spiritual integrity of each individual and aims to provide all community members with dignified, meaningful work, a healthy social atmosphere, and a vibrant cultural, artistic and spiritual life.



Unshattered is a nonprofit social enterprise employing women who are winning their fight against addiction. Their team makes handbags out of repurposed materials including Broadway sets, military uniforms, premium upholstery fabrics and more. The mission of Unshattered is to provide pathways toward economic independence and sustained sobriety through employment wrapped around a personal development curriculum. Employees are seen as entrepreneurs and given skills and an ecosystem in which to create their own jobs. 100% of your purchase price goes to provide employment and job skills training for women in recovery.