IN CREATIVE COMPANY: a taking care of business retreat for creative business owners

Summer Retreat – Dates TBA!

A Hudson River Exchange and Drop Forge & Tool Collaboration

Hunker down with us in Hudson NY for a few days and focus. Work on that business development project you keep leaving on the back burner: Do you need to update your website?  Set up an editorial calendar?  Write content, make a PR list, network, take product photos, design a newsletter, set up your business accounting?

Many classes and conferences offer you information and tools — we want to provide you with the time and space, support and  encouragement to actually DO THE THING. Tell us what you want to accomplish, and we’ll help you get it done! (Within, reason, of course. As we all know all too well, there are a limited number of hours in a day. SADLY.)

All inclusive rates below include sleeping accommodations (mostly singles, plus two shared rooms) at Drop Forge & Tool’s residency spaces, which have shared baths, kitchens and common areas. You are also welcome to find your own housing, or if you are local, commute from home and pay the day rate. All meals are included, so you don’t have to think about food while you work.





Our main focus at Drop Forge & Tool creative residencies is collaborative creative work,  so this residency retreat is envisioned as an opportunity to not only dig in to that business development project you’ve been wanting to focus on, but also to connect with and learn from other creative business owners.

We’ll have some planned group sessions around issues that participants are most interested in (survey in application) and you will have plenty of solo time to work on your project, as well as opportunities to have one-on-ones with Stella and present your work to the whole group for peer feedback.

The specific agenda will be set, once we have received all the applications and know what participants need/want most.



IN CREATIVE COMPANY is a collaboration between Drop Forge & Tool and Hudson River Exchange. With a shared vision in supporting creatives through our programming, we’re coming together to present the first residency for creative business owners.