Catskill Wellness Collective

TBA – Catskill, NY


Hudson River Exchange is thrilled to help launch the opening of Catskill Wellness Collective, a project conceived by local farm to face skincare company Apis Apotheca. The mission of the Catskill Wellness Collective is to create a supportive, inclusive space where our community can access preventative alternative medicines through healing services, products and events. We invite healers, practitioners, and makers of wellness products to help bring this vision to life. 

Based in the center of Main Street Catskill, the space will house a shop, community clinic, and the production studio of Apis Apotheca. We are looking for makers of wellness products to fill the shelves of our cooperative retail space and healers that are interested in membership which would give them access to reserving space in our clinic.  Join us in setting a new standard of community strength, health, and resilience!  





Practitioners of all modalities – physical, mental, spiritual.  

Shifts are 4 hours each — 8am-12pm, 12pm-4pm or 4pm-8pm.
Membership is billed monthly. Changes in membership can be made with 30 days notice.

2 weekly shifts $160 ($5/hr)
3 weekly shifts $226 ($4.70/hr)
4 weekly shifts $278 ($4.35/hr)
5 weekly shifts $320 ($4/hr)



– Semi-private partitioned area for appointments
– Wifi
– Member lounge / waiting area stocked with herbal tea + kettle for your clients and between sessions
– Keypad entry access
– Noise machines + ambient playlist to create a calming environment
– Limited availability: laundry on-site and storage. We’re happy to discuss possible arrangements.



– Supplies + props (ie. massage tables, sheets, cushions, etc) for sessions
– Scheduling shifts for renting time at the clinic
– Scheduling your client sessions





This retail space will feature a selection of curated products and create access to high quality remedies of all kinds for the community. We hope to present a wide selection of alternative crafts to support and maintain wellness. From locally grown herbs and remedies to the best in clean beauty to plant-dyed healing garments, our mission is to help you feel well, held, and connected. 

We are inviting makers from everywhere to participate. Local makers have the benefit of having the option to participate at a co-op level where there is a sliding scale of commission percentages based on how many days you’re shopkeeping.  





The pop ups are curated by Hudson River Exchange to showcase a diverse group of makers + practitioners. 

  • Innovation and expertise. We look for experts of their field whether it’s crafted, beautifully packaged handmade goods using well-sourced materials to thoughtful healers. 
  • Unique and complementary. We accept a limited number from each category. Applicants are not limited to listed categories if application submitted demonstrates a strong connection to the values of the space ethos. Please contact us at if you do not feel you fit in a category and we will help direct you.
  • Intention and professionalism. We are looking for consistency within a collection of products and strong brand identity from makers. From practitioners we are looking for a demonstration of continuity of practice and development of their craft. Collaboration and communication are important to us in creating a productive and welcoming space. 





Agreement: Clinic membership is based on the number of shifts per week for each month.

Terms: Membership is month-to-month and renews on the 15th of each month for the upcoming month. Withdrawing membership requires a 30 day notice.

Policy: Payment is final, not transferrable and nonrefundable.



Agreement: Hudson River Exchange will deduct agreed commission from total sales. Payment + sales report will be sent every 5 weeks via check or PayPal.

Participant agrees to meet deadlines including drop off / shipment of product, submitting maker info and product pick up / return ship. When delivering or shipping your items, please make sure: All items are tagged and priced with barcode labels provided by Hudson River Exchange. If you have any special fixtures or display pieces, please bring them in. Hudson River Exchange will be in touch throughout the installment about restocking needs. Method of delivery is decided by participant. Any shipment costs will be covered by participant and we will send invoices for return shipments. Drop offs can be arranged as needed as well.

Terms: Payment confirms your spot and agreement to participate in the Handmade Pop Up

Policy: Payment is final, not transferrable and nonrefundable. Please note, Hudson River Exchange holds general liability insurance which does not include insurance for the items in the pop up therefore not responsible for loss, damage or theft during the installment. It is recommended that items are insured by the participant.

STOCKING FEE There are 2 options. OPTION 1: $85 fee covers an unlimited number of SKUs and additions to inventory throughout the pop up installment. OPTION 2: $50 up to 5 SKUs applies to the first delivery and one inventory list submission. Any additions to the inventory after the first delivery or exceeding 5 SKUS will be $10/SKU.

CO-OP SHOPKEEPING DATES are scheduled prior to the start of an installment. Once the schedule is set, all participants will be linked with shop schedule and contact list. If there are any schedule change requests, the participant is responsible to find a replacement for their scheduled spot. For any schedule updates, please email Stella ASAP at with subject ‘Pop Up Schedule Change’ and make sure to include date you’ll be missing and the person who has agreed to fill in for you. Make sure schedule changes have been made at least 36 hours prior to the scheduled shift.

We understand that emergencies occur and unexpected things come up. If you are unable to find a replacement and unable to make up the shop time you’ll be missing, Hudson River Exchange will fill in and there will be a fee of $50/shift or an adjustment to the consignment percentage — we can discuss and see what makes the most sense.