Hudson River Exchange Studios – 514 Warren Street

Shop open Friday thru Sunday 12pm – 5pm.

And anytime by appointment


Are you a Maker or Collector?




May 17 – November 10

We are looking for all things made + collected: textile, leather, ceramic, wood, glass work. apparel, home decor, furniture, art and paper. beauty + wellness, packaged food, added value, and farm-grown products.

The program creates space for makers + collectors of the Hudson Valley to expand their online businesses offline and cultivate a community of co-workers.

To visitors, the shop looks and functions like a retail shop, but on the other side, as a maker, this is a very different experience than traditional retail channels (ie. having your own retail shop, wholesaling products, or consignment shops). Gleaning from years of working in retail, Hudson River Exchange co-founder Stella Yoon envisioned a brick and mortar space that filled in the gaps to bridge the way independent small businesses operate.

So many small businesses operate online and for good reason. Lower overhead than a physical space and you don’t need to make long term commitments because online things can be built and changed at the pace of your business needs. But there are limitations to the online experience – people still want to be able to touch, feel, and connect with the products they buy especially when they come from an indie maker or designer. Here’s where Hudson River Exchange comes in.


Every business is structured differently and there’s a lot of learning about your business as you’re conducting business. The work to figure out what works best for you requires a lot learning through trial and error. Hudson River Exchange Pop Ups present an opportunity to grow your business in a supported environment that allows you to take measured next steps in your venture whether you’re looking to open your own space, enter into wholesale, or introduce new products. The benefit of showcasing your work at Hudson River Exchange is that you can direct current customers to a destination for your products and interact with you (if you choose to do co-op shop hours) and being located in the center of the business district, a great way for new customers to discover your work.


Taking inspiration from existing retail models like trunk shows which are pop ups hosted by makers and designers that don’t have a brick and mortar space for a limited time keeps people interested and curious about what’s in the shop at 514 Warren Street. The rotating nature of the shop allows us to offer short term opportunities. We don’t hold your inventory for too long and you have the flexibility of switching out products as you need.


Aren’t there times you wish you could just ask someone a question? Taking part of the pop up gives you access to the creative community of Hudson River Exchange and Stella is on hand to offer resources and feedback. From visual merchandising to shopkeeping basics, there is so much you can learn during a pop up and experiment with. It’s also a great place to showcase one-of-a-kind or test new products. There is so much you do on your own, we can accomplish more together.




 All-inclusive : ​All-inclusive is truly that. This year, we are making it easy — just one flat fee. Hudson River Exchange will visually merchandise the products, man the shop and promote via social media. All you have to do is drop off during set-up period, have all the items priced, provide inventory list, and pick up remaining stock at the end. HRE sends you a check for items sold.

 Co-Op : Same perks as above, but participant is required to work a set number of days during the installment. Signing up for 3 day co-op means you will be scheduled to shopkeep 3 days at 514 Warren during your installment. 

 Resident : This is open to only one enterprise/business at a time. Participant gets to takeover the space. Everything from staffing and shop hours will be self managed and HRE will provide visual merchandising and promotion support. 



Application Fee $10 (non-refundable)


SEPT. 6 to NOV. 10

Featuring up to 10+ makers. 10 weekends, 30 days of retail. Each installment is open Friday – Sunday from 12-5pm.

2019 Rates

All Inclusive: $85 + 45% commission 

3 Day Co-op: $85 + 30% commission + 3 shop days

5 Day Co-op: $85 + 20% commission + 5 shop days






1st: May 17 – June 16

2nd: June 21 – August 25

*Pop Up Rental: August 31-September 1st

3rd: September 6 – November 10

4th: November 29 – December 29 (Holiday Pop Up – this will be a separate call for applications)





PAYMENT DUE: Payment confirms participation. Confirmation deadline is 30 days prior to launch of installment.

DROP OFF: Tuesday or Wednesday on the week of opening

PICK UP: Monday or Tuesday on week after closing



Maker + Collector provides:

PRODUCT: Items priced + tagged

INVENTORY: Listed quantities and retail prices

DISPLAY: Any fixtures or props designed specifically for your product (ie. racks, shelving, platforms, etc.)

DELIVERY + PICK UP: Participants are responsible for shipping/dropping off and return/pick up of unsold inventory

PRINTED PROMO MATERIAL: Business cards for visitors

BIO + INFO: description of materials and process for other shopkeepers to reference. And include any special care instructions to pass onto customers.

SHOPKEEPING: Does not apply to All-Inclusive participants. Co-Op participants will be scheduled for shop hours. Resident participants will be managing the entire shopkeeping schedule (you’re taking residence in the space during this time so it’s up to you how many days you plan to be open during this period of time).


Hudson River Exchange provides:

SPACE: High traffic retail space on Hudson’s main Warren Street

STAFFING: Shopkeepers that are fellow creatives

PROMO TOOLS: Social media collateral to use for pop up promotion

LISTING: Maker listing on HRE website + newsletter highlight

PROMOTION: Posts on HRE social media during pop up installment period

MENTORSHIP: Consultation and feedback from Stella during the installment period





The pop ups are curated by Hudson River Exchange to showcase a diverse group of  makers + collectors. 

  • Innovative and unique. We look for expertly crafted, beautifully packaged handmade goods using well-sourced materials. We also look for special vintage collections of high quality objects. 

  • Diversity of products at the Marketplace. We accept a limited amount of vendors from each category. Applicants are not limited to listed categories if application submitted demonstrates a strong connection to the values of the event. Please contact us at if you do not feel you fit in a category and we will help direct you.

  • A clear point of view demonstrated through a cohesive product line. We are looking for consistency within a collection of products and strong brand identity.



Agreement: Hudson River Exchange will deduct agreed commission of total sales. Sales tax will be collected and included in check payment. Participant will be responsible for submitting sales tax on those items. Payment will be sent after the installment has closed, there will be one payout via check or PayPal.

Items should be arranged for drop off or shipment to be received by Hudson River Exchange by Wednesday of install week. When delivering or shipping your items, please make sure: – All items are tagged and priced – If you have any special fixtures or display pieces, please bring them in. Hudson River Exchange will be in touch throughout the installment about restocking needs. Method of delivery is decided by participant. Any shipment costs will be covered by participant and we will send invoices for return shipments. Drop offs can be arranged as needed as well.

Terms: Payment confirms your spot and agreement to participate in the Handmade Pop Up

Policy: Payment is final, not transferrable and nonrefundable. Please note, Hudson River Exchange holds general liability insurance which does not include insurance for the items in the pop up therefore not responsible for loss, damage or theft during the installment. It is recommended that items are insured by the participant.

All RESIDENT installs must pay 50% to reserve the space. Deposits are non-refundable. Remaining payment is due 30 days prior to install start date.

CO-OP SHOPKEEPING DATES are scheduled prior to the start of an installment. Once the schedule is set, all participants will be linked with shop schedule and contact list. If there are any schedule change requests, the participant is responsible to find a replacement for their scheduled spot. For any schedule updates, please email Stella ASAP at with subject ‘Pop Up Schedule Change’ and make sure to include date you’ll be missing and the person who has agreed to fill in for you. Make sure schedule changes have been made at least 36 hours prior to the scheduled shift.

We understand that emergencies occur and unexpected things come up. If you are unable to find a replacement and unable to make up the shop time you’ll be missing, Hudson River Exchange will fill in and there will be a fee of $50/shift.



Are you a Maker or Collector?