TUColie Collen is a floral designer and small-time flower grower in Troy, NY. Her business, Flower Scout, started its life as a hobby CSA project, but has become her full-time gig. She studied poetry in college – not business – and loves to think about and investigate the ways that people structure their lives, accidentally or on purpose, toward the things that serve them.



IMG_0213Dawn Breeze is an internationally represented artist living in the Hudson Valley.  Breeze works across multiple media and cultural platforms her work examines worthiness, interdependence, transformation and flux. She is the founder and director of Instar Lodge, a contemporary arts center in Germantown, NY

Breeze’s artistic achievements have been notably lauded, including: The NYSC Individual Artist Award, NYFA’s Mark Fellowship, Massachusetts Art & Culture Award, The Linda Arnoud Artist Grant, Good Work Fellowship, and others.  Press has included NY Times, NY Magazine, Lithub, Chonogram.


meighan_otoole_brickwall_800Meighan O’Toole is a Digital Strategist empowering creative professionals and business’ through social media, content creation, and cultivating community online. Her passion is connecting people to technology to help make their work and personal lives easier and more enjoyable. Meighan has worked as a social media strategist for Yahoo, a community manager for Wikia and WIRED Magazine in Silicon Valley, and San Francisco, CA. She lives and works outside of Boston, MA. In her spare time she sews and paints.


Screen Shot 2017-02-16 at 10.44.03 PMOlivia Clementine is an herbal alchemist, a mystic farmer & practicing buddhist. Devoted to the earth and the heart as our healers, Olivia offers – Individual Wellbeing Alchemy & Relational Sessions.

Olivia is focused on supporting a path of harmony through our relationship with our natural world, our inner life and with each other.  

When Olivia is not growing and gathering plant medicine, she works with individuals and groups. She supports people in understanding their minds and hearts through meditation, and relational work. Her love of Mother Earth is the foundation of her work. This is where we are from and where we will return.

She serves the community through handmade herbal blends, consultations, workshops and retreats.

Olivia work has been featured in publications such as The New York Times, Edible Hudson Valley, Shambala Times, The Local Rose, Annapurna Living, Free and Native and Live the Process.


SarahCoffeyPic1Sarah Coffey has been practicing her own form of homeclearing for 10+ years. The former Editorial Director of West Elm and a former editor at Apartment Therapy, she has 15+ years of experience working in the worlds of lifestyle writing and home décor. She discovered space clearing through the writings of Karen Kingston, and merged it with methods she learned while working at Apartment Therapy and The Kitchn, helping to lead the online community’s interactive “home cures.” Through the process of rearranging and reorganizing multiple homes for her family—from a tiny Brooklyn apartment to a new house in Hudson—she tapped into the power of homeclearing as a way of practicing self-compassion through times of change and transformation. Sarah lives with her husband and toddler in Hudson, where she works as a writer, editor, and homeclearer.


StellaYoon-photobyLauraHarrisStella Yoon is a creative problem solver. When working with artists and designers she approaches things holistically, believing that a healthy brand is living and breathing. It’s not only about looking at product. By listening to the maker speak about their process and how they bring together various elements, Stella is able to bring their ideas and intentions to life. In her 10+ years of working as a visual merchandiser, prop stylist, and graphic designer, Stella has collaborated with small companies, independent brands, and boutique PR companies. She is the co-founder of Hudson River Exchange.