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Group Crits are monthly gatherings bringing together makers + collectors hosted by Kate + Stella of Hudson River Exchange. Join us fireside to discuss the things you’re thinking about creatively or about your small business.

It’ll be one part facilitated discussion in small + large groups (a la art school group critiques meets quick fire think tank) and one part getting to meet fellow creatives.

We invite you to bring a question or something you’re working on that you’d like group feedback on. It’s not required but we do ask that you be open to participating in conversation, contributing support or sharing thoughts!

In 2018, we’ll be hosting them around the Hudson Valley so if you’re interested in having us bring this meet up to your town, feel free to reach out to Stella at

Keep an eye out as we add new locations. They are generally the third Thursday each month. Space is limited so follow us on Instagram or be in our mailing list for updates!

Thank you to past hosts: Rivertown Lodge, HudsonRough Draft Bar + Books, Kingston | The Barn in Tivoli, Tivoli | Hudson House Inn, Cold Spring | Superior Merchandise Co, Troy

Join us at the next crit!


June – Catskill

HiLo, 365 Main Street, Catskill, NY 

with Objects ‘n the Round



July – Newburgh

Ms. Fairfax, 105 Liberty Street, Newburgh, NY 

with Chime In



August – Beacon



September – Albany

3Fish Coffee, 105 Liberty Street, Newburgh, NY 

with The Half Moon Market


October – Kingston



November – Bethel

The Conservatory at Bethel Woods – Bethel, NY

as a part of Gather + Give