Get out of the home office or studio and bring your laptop or sketchbook. Mark the calendar and bring a project you’ve been meaning to work on.

Often times, we’ll take a workshop and take lots of notes but jump right back into the grind and it’ll take months before we schedule time to apply those great things we learned. Or there are those things that keep getting pushed down on your to-do list that take a little more time or are not as urgent as the rush of orders you’re suddenly sending out. You keep thinking, if only I could carve out a little time to do some big picture thinking, tidy up some business behind-the-scenes, or map out a strategy going into the new year.

It’s sometimes easier to do the concrete tasks because usually the things we’re pushing off require more thought and are often about contemplating the unknown. It can feel especially isolating when you’re on the precipice of making a shift or designing a new collection and it is in these times that we can feel particularly alone.




What do you want to work on?

In Creative Company provides an opportunity for creatives to work in a supported space facilitated by Stella of Hudson River Exchange. This is not a workshop but it’s about working in the company of fellow creatives so we have an opportunity to learn and connect with each other. We’re cultivating a community of co-workers.

So what is this?

For 30 days, you will be in a small group of your peers who will help keep you accountable. Not only that, they will be there to to bounce ideas around with and troubleshoot questions you have.

We will begin with a day retreat structured around setting up next steps for your project and getting to know the co-workers in your crew. Everyone might have a different focus but the benefit of peer-to-peer learning is we all come to the table with knowledge and experience – it’s important to create space to share what we know and ask about things we don’t.

During this period of time, we will have weekly Group Crits where you can get feedback and support from your peers along with individual check-ins with your mentor Stella.

Participants will set their own goals and determine how much time they will devote to their project each week. You will be required to attend the Group Crits and schedule a weekly check-in with Stella via phone or video to support your process. Group Crits will be held at the same location each week.



• Planning Workbook

• 1 Day Retreat, 10AM-3PM (includes lunch + light snacks)

• 4 90-minute Group Crit Meetings with the group

• Weekly check-in with Mentor via phone or online

Limited to 6 people per session.


Dates + Location:

Session: HUDSON

March 1 – March 29

Day Retreat: March 1, 10am-3pm

Group Crit: Fridays 3/8, 3/15, 3/22, 3/29

30 day program: $385 

Stella Yoon is a creative problem solver. When working with makers and designers she approaches things holistically, believing that a healthy brand is living and breathing. Stella works with clients to bring the ideas and intentions of a brand to life thoughtfully through design. In her 15+ years of working as a visual merchandiser, prop stylist, and graphic designer, Stella has collaborated with corporations, independent brands, and boutique PR companies in NYC and Hudson Valley. She is the co-founder of Hudson River Exchange and executive editor of Made+Collected.

Let’s work together!