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Cultivating a community of co-workers by activating spaces for creativity and commerce. Because creativity loves company


Once a bustling trading port, by 2013, Hudson, N.Y. had become a haven for independent creative types—a mix of lifetime locals and city expats seeking a more artful lifestyle. Despite the concentration of talent, most worked alone and sold their wares online—which could be a bit lonely going. But a small collective of local artists and designers hatched a plan to change all that. Their concept: a modern take on the classic craft fair, gathering the Hudson Valley’s incredible makers and collectors under a single tent. That summer, Hudson River Exchange launched their first market on the bank of their namesake river. The highly curated showcase of 80+ vendors featured a blend of fresh faces and established sellers, along with live music and artisanal food trucks. The weekend-long event drew record attendance and caught the eye of design aficionados, who praised the level of craftsmanship.


In the years since that debut market, Hudson River Exchange has expanded to offer year-round programming to the growing creative community. It is their mission to help artists like themselves collaborate and connect. Their headquarters, in Hudson’s historic downtown, is part retail space part community center, hosting monthly trunk-shows for featured sellers, as well as workshops to help entrepreneurs make the leap from hobbyists to small business owners. HRE is proud to play an integral role in Hudson’s diverse creative economy, and thrilled to see so many indie businesses flourishing outside of an urban center.


About the Founders

Stella Yoon, director + co-founder

Stella Yoon is a designer, strategist and at the helm of Hudson River Exchange. After studying illustration at the School of Visual Arts, Stella wove her way through a series of design and styling roles across retail and editorial. During her decade of experience as visual merchandiser, prop stylist, and graphic designer in NYC, she honed her gift for creating rich visual narratives. Her curiosity and passion for learning moved her to take risks, and say yes when opportunity came knocking. “My life has been a series of chance events and I just jumped,” she says. “I’ve been the beneficiary of gracious, open and creative people.” Her collaborations with magazines, agencies, retailers and fellow artists, immersed her in every stage of the creative process.

A trip upstate to a biodynamic farming workshop introduced Stella to the small, river city of Hudson. She felt an instant kinship with the community of growers and artisans who valued working with their hands. Within days, she was packing to leave NYC. The move allowed Stella to connect with the people behind the food on her plate, those who made the plate itself—and even the table underneath. Those early conversations sparked the idea that became Hudson River Exchange. These days, Stella uses her wide-ranging expertise to help burgeoning brands bring their ideas to life. “HRE is where I get to share everything I’ve learned,” she says.  

Katherine Moore, co-founder

Katherine Moore is a creative entrepreneur. She lives in Hudson New York with her boyfriend and daughter. Growing up in Washington, D.C. with a knack for science, Kate saw a sharp delineation between the worlds of math and science, and that of art. Despite a strong aesthetic sensibility, she viewed art as a career choice for a rarefied few. Kate credits her 2005 move to the Hudson Valley with blurring those lines. “There’s a creative spirit here—art is more of a way of life.”

Embracing this ethos, Kate channeled her gift for systems into artistic projects, like meticulously mapped string drawings or hand-stitched quilts. The concept even imbued her work as a registered nurse specializing in end of life care. “I believe in honoring the beauty of human beings, at every stage” she says. After leaving nursing, Kate helped launch a handful of values-led businesses, an experience that cemented her preference for partnership and collaboration. So when the concept for Hudson River Exchange came up, she quickly signed on.  

As she works to help vendors realize their creative goals, Kate sees a through-line stretching back to her medical career. It’s there in her surgically-plotted production style, and in what she calls the midwifery of HRE—the rewarding process of connecting artists to the outside world. In September 2018, Kate left the company to focus her energies on her amazing daughter and her own creative endeavors.